SE 450 Homework Assignment #2: Blinking Text Applet

The Programmer's Poem -- Author Unknown
< > ! * ' ' #
^ @ ` $ $ -
* ! ' $ _
% * < > #4
& ) . . /
waka waka bang splat tick tick hash
carat at back-tick dollar dollar dash
splat bang tick dollar underscore
percent splat waka waka number four
amperstand right-paren dot dot slash
curly bracket tilde pipe splat splat crash

To implement one of my favorite pieces of computer poetry, I modified the java applet to do several things differently from the original code. uses the characters from the left side of the poem. The sans serif font now has a bold face attribute and the range of colors is limited to the blue and green spectrum. The red setting is set to 0 and the green is set to 100. The initial value for blue is determined randomly and as the symbols are iterated through, the amount of blue increases in the color mix until it rolls over. uses the words from the right side of the poem. The sans serif font now has an italic attribute. The color has the green and blue components set (each is set to 100) while the red component is determined randomly. As the tokens are iterated through, the value of the red is increased until it rolls over. In both applets, the impression of tokens moving down the line was created by drawing the token in the determined color, pausing the thread and then redrawing the token in the background color (#FFFFCC) before incrementing the X position for the token placement.
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