SE 450 Final Project: GeneWeaver 1.0

Source Code for GeneWeaver

This is the link to the .zip file containing the source code and compiled byte code for my final project, Gene Weaver. The file is called "". Download it onto your machine and extract it with WinZip. Make sure that the copy of WinZip you are running has the "Use Folder Names" option selected when you extract. That will maintain the file structure.

This version of GeneWeaver has only one module implemented: the Translate Module. This module allows translation of any DNA sequence composed of ATGC DNA bases into an amino acid sequence. The output can be rendered in Text, Graphical form or both. Note about the translate button: When you change output choices, you must re-click the translate button to update the output box. Just selecting the choices does not result in automatic updating of the output canvas.

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